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Did Steve Jobs Change My Life?

Steve Jobs didn't change my life. He started a massive company. I bought some of his products. Huge corporation. Ray Kroc never changed my life either.

Steve Jobs' company is a huge corporation. Got an iPhone, iPod, Mac? Nice. But know that when you forked over those big bucks, you supported the kind of corporation Wall Street loves, and Occupy Wall Street loves to pretend they hate.

Kind of like Trader Joe's hip persona, when in reality, it is owned by the same megacorp which owns the German-based Aldi grocery chain.

Billions of dollars. 50,000 employees. That's Apple. They are long way from anything grassroots. Steve Jobs looked the part, but he was big corporate all the way. Was he generous? Maybe for a rich guy.

Bill Gates is generous. Nasty things have been said about how Gates does business -- maybe that's true -- but no one will say Gates, who is giving away all of his money, is not generous.
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