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2012 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market review: Already Working For Me: Submitted a Tale the Next Day

I bought my copy of the "2012 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market," and within a day, I sent out my first short story manuscript. I won't know how that turns out for a few months, but I am pleased.

I have used other Writer's Digest writer's markets before, but this is my first active use of this one specific to short stories.

For me, the general categories are enough. It is laid-out and typeset cleanly enough that I can quickly scan entries to see how my work might fit in. After a few scan-throughs, I have began to be familiar with the publishers in my genre. I can see how a finer-tuned category index might help, but I personal do not feel hindered by the lack of it.

The articles will be the most help to newer writers. However, I bought it entirely for the publisher listings. They each read plainly:

Who they are, what they publish, what a good submission looks like, and how much they will pay (or not). Readers learn how long to expect for a response, and often, a tip or two for breaking into publications like theirs.

I fully recommend "2012 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market." Here's to hoping I find a publisher for my short story collection.
Anthony Trendl
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