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HTC Sensation 4G Android Phone (T-Mobile) review: Great Tool: Phone, Camera, Internet (and More)

So far, several months into using the HTC Sensation 4G Android Phone (T-Mobile), I'm pleased. As this is my first smartphone, I was concerned about how fast 4G really is as it relates to different apps. Faster is always better, but this is a fantastic start.

It is difficult to separate the device from the apps. I have been careful only to download name brand apps, avoiding the nastiness that happens when downloading some unknown company's tool.

I have a couple Gmail accounts coming through with ease. Internet use has been trouble free, and especially good when sites are mobile-ready. Netflix works well, though their updates can be dodgy, but that's a Netflix problem. LinkedIn, Peep, YouTube, Google Doc, Google Translate, TuneIn Radio, Spotify are all good here. Kindle is slow to load, but it gets the job done. How good is Angry Birds? I don't want to talk about it. I'm addicted.

The camera shots and video have all been impressive, though the sound pick-up with the video is sometimes slightly off. I use the camera daily.

Things are fast, clean, and only occasional freezes. I'm a happy customer, looking forward to the next generation. I fully recommend the HTC Sensation 4G Android Phone.

Anthony Trendl
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