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Is Dead Atheist Christopher Hitchens in Heaven?

There are two parts to every atheist's story: what they say they don't believe, and what they believe.

If we base what we know of Christopher Hitchens on what he said, per Scripture, he is in hell.

If though, despite all of his vitriol to the contrary, he secretly or newly believed in the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, then, per Scripture, he is in the warm embrace of the God who loved him always.

That said, Hitchens made it clear he did not believe and that, as he lay dying, he was more certain there is no god. It is true that God will do what He pleases, but it is also true, He will not contradict Scripture. Unless Scripture does not mean what I think it plainly says, then Hitchens does not now enjoy the grace of Jesus Christ.

This is serious stuff. No pithy bumper sticker stuff will change his location for eternity. Wherever he is, he will remain.

To me, the challenge begged is about now. Are we living a life that exemplifies our our saved life, and are we willing to talk about our faith and our Lord even when it is uncomfortable. To Hitchens' credit, he adamantly spoke about atheism to unfriendly crowds, and many were converted.

What if we who are Christians did likewise (instead of the easy Facebook shuffle chatting things up that don't matter amongst those who already agree)? What Hitchens' persuasive ability severely lacked, even the most ignorant among believers in Christ have with us: the Holy Spirit. No amount of brilliant apologetics can argue more effectively than the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit, matched by the evidential love those who follow Him.
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