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The Lord's Prayer: The Pie Version (Happy Pi Pie 3.14 Day)

Being a spiritual sort of fellow, having learned the Lord's Prayer as a wee lad in CCD, but also having learned about Baker's Square, French Silk Pie, apple pie, and all the others, it occurred to me that God made pie, as He is the creator of all things. In my running club, someone suggested (and another 'amened') that there was a pie heaven. I'll check my Bible on this one, but I'm game.

The Lord's Prayer: The Pie Version
by Anthony Trendl

Our pie, which art in heaven,
pastry be thy crust
Thy bakery come,
thy filling done,
baked in hearths as it is in ovens
Give us this way our daily bread.
And forgive us when we forget the ice cream,
as we forgive those who do not cut us a slice.
Lead us into taste sensation,
but deliver us from cholesterol.
For thine is the apple, the pecan, and the blueberry, for ever and ever.
I'm full.
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