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Anthony Trendl was born on the edge of Chicago's southwestern suburbs in 1966, where the city met the cornfields. There, he saw deer, coyote, and red fox on one side, and skyscrapers, museums, and the boats of Lake Michigan on the other side.

His home was filled with books, his neighborhood had the greatest people on the planet, a forest was just around the corner, and above was the bluest sky known to man. He read the classics of childhood -- the Brothers Grimm, Caldecott Medal winners, and stacks of comic books.

His poetry has been often published in "Decision Magazine," and his marketing writing has been published in trade publications and websites internationally. He has worked in marketing for many years as a writer and manager of communications projects for corporations and nonprofits. He is currently a speechwriter for private and business clients. He lives in Wheaton, Illinois.

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