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Mood Disorder - Jesse Jackson, Jr

What is a mood disorder? Jesse Jackson, Jr. is presently being hospitalized for what has been vaguely described in the media as a mood disorder.


The Jackson family's political life has been largely a circus with an amazingly graceful media pass, with the elder Jesse Jackson being a sort of professional news-making protester. The younger Jackson was dubiously caught in the throes of the Rod Blagojevich Senate Seats for Sale scandal (when Barack Obama left his senate position months after taking it to run successfully for president). That aside, the medical condition of a politician is not the public's business.

The media will pry into personal issue frequently, but it is surprising they are prying into Jackson's private life. His father's dalliances were giggled at for a few days, but no one really attacked him for his infidelities, despite his "reverend" title. No one really thinks of Jesse Jackson, Sr. as a religious leader, so what he did in the context of his marriage was incidental news.
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