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How to Wish Me a Happy Birthday

My birthday is tomorrow (August 30). What do I want? I would love it if you all bought one or more of my Kindle short stories.

There are five in all, each only $0.99 -- delivered instantly to your computer. It is cheaper than buying me a $3.99 card. These are fun reading, with fairy tale and tall tale elements, all family-friendly, geared for smart kids of all ages. If you haven't got a buck, post this link to your Facebook page, Twitter and whatever other social media you connect on and ask your friends to buy one. Or, if you have Amazon Prime, borrow one for free. Let me know, and I'll be glad to thank you the best way I can.

A few things will happen. Full disclosure: I will make a few dimes and a nickel for each purchase. You should know I give away a portion to various nonprofits. My most regular (monthly) gift goes to an organization helping translate tribal languages into a written alphabet and language. More importantly, you get a good read. Depending on sales patterns, the rank for each story will increase. I'd love for it to raise enough for a publisher or agent.

If you like what you read, write a review. That will help as well. Be honest. Great reviews are wonderful, but honesty matters.

  1. ‎"My Biggest Game: A Baseball Story" = ages 6-12, with an emphasis on 8-10.
  2. "Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream" =  ages  6-10 (boy with crazy name makes crazy ice cream).
  3. "The Boy Who Hated Doing Everything" =  ages  7-11 (boy dreams of adventure, but when it comes knocking on his door, he is lazy -- for the kid who prefers X-Box over playing outside)
  4. "Escape from Hicklebirkle Manor" =  ages  8-12 (several animals are trapped inside the home/yard where the owner passed away).
  5. "How Wind Began: The Story of Pepper Jack" =  ages  8-12 (boy who really loves pepper creates wind with a huge sneeze when pouring black pepper)

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