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Drew Peterson is Guilty of First Degree Murder of Kathleen Savio

Drew Peterson is guilty of first degree murder. Kathleen Savio was murdered by Drew Peterson.

Now you know. The circus is over: pushed by ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, at the very least. There was little respect throughout the entire case for the dead. Ad dollars were at stake. I turned off the TV, or changed the station, every time this came on.

You've sneered at the murderer. You have shaken your fist. He taunted you, and you bit.

The world is not better because he was found guilty. We are not safer.

He will be sentenced for a long time. Maybe 60 years. Looks like justice to some. The more vengeful type would prefer he were strapped to a gurney by men with masks on, and shot full of chemicals. You know, like an abortion, only killing a guy in his late 50s instead of in the womb.

Don't get me wrong. He should be in prison for a long time. He not only killed his wife, but he is not even close to remorseful. He's a two-bit thug. Never let go, I hope, from the way things look now.

I live not far from where things happened (west of Chicago), and more than a few people I know say they knew a guy who knew a guy whose best friend's old girlfriend was once hit on by Peterson in a bar. I welcome when this is over completely.

You aren't smarter to have followed the trial. You are not morally cleaner. Unless you wrote a book about it all, you aren't richer. In fact, I'd suggest the opposite, but you can work out the details about all of that.

Meanwhile, other killers are out there. Only, they haven't killed yet. No, your job is not to become a paranoid neighborhood watchman packing a gun, ready to shoot any suspicious looking white man in your neighborhood. Your job is to love your neighbor. 

Maybe Drew Peterson's kind can't be helped. He never seemed like a good man. But there are other scared, lonely men and women who just need a friend.

Go now, turn the circus off. Drew Peterson and the media have manipulated you into watching long enough. Move on. Log off. Call your neighbor, or that awkward person. Watch a movie, have coffee. Invite them for dinner. Twice. Be a friend. Listen.

You won't change the world, but watching what the media networks have presented as reality TV doesn't even change you.

Off you go. Count up your pennies, and pick up the tab. Your neighbor needs you.
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