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An End of Everything: An Eerie Tale About NonExistence

Tree Fort BooksOK. Here I am. 

Midnight. December 21, 2012. It just turned Friday.

Didn't see this coming.

Uh oh.

I need to make some changes. I have entire tomorrow to plan, though here we are. It is tomorrow. There wasn't supposed to be one. Tomorrow was supposed to... hmm. This all gets kind of messy as verb tenses go. Either, I was not expecting to be here. The Mayans did some bad math. Or did I?

Some apologies. Lots of apologies. Though, then again, I think I will be hearing a few as well. You know, from that one guy and his friend, and their cousin. Definitely the cousin.

And, yeah, that thing that happened I thought no one would ever find out about? They probably will. That will take some explaining.

Looks like there will be a little credit card problem later today when the banks open. That is not going to look good. I need to stop by the luxury auto place and see if they will take back a customized Lamborghini.

Not to worry. It's not like its the end of the world. Yeah, I heard that before. Ha!

Those silly people talking about the end of the world. Can you believe that people actually bought into it. Just like this. Here I am, right after midnight. I'm here. You're here. Everyone is here. Wherever they were at 11:59 pm, Wednesday, December 20, they are still there. Same place. Same everything.

Just like we have always been and always will be, give or take a billion years and the sun exploding.

It is late, I'm tired.

Um, what was that sound? Yes, that sound. The crack. The loud, eerie, crushing crack. A branch? No, no. Deeper than a branch. A truck crash? Not that. I saw one once. Not as eerie. This crack echoed, but it was a backwards echo. The sound consumed itself.

It is still cracking. How can that be? Cracks end. Things are supposed to break. Is this an earthquake? I can't tell. The lights are off. There is no other sound. Just the crack.

Where is everyone? Streetlights gone. Must be a power outage. The sound? Should the earth move? I live in Chicago. Earthquakes don't happen here. The earth must. The quaking part.

Where's the moon? There is no moon. It must be cloudy. I don't see any stars. There must be clouds. I don't see anything. No clouds. No sky. I don't even see the neighbors house.

It must be a huge storm. It can't be a storm. There is no wind. No rain. Things are dry. Completely dry. No, I don't feel anything. Where's my bed? I was in my bed. I think. Or am downstairs?

The crack is gone. It stopped. I hear nothing. Nothing at all. The heat is off. The fridge too. Of course. The power is out. Right. Those are off. I got it. Shouldn't I hear something? The building is always settling. No traffic outside. No airplanes. Quiet night. Everyone must be in. But I don't even hear my clothes when I move. Did I move? Of course I am moving. But I'm not moving. I'm sitting still. Or am I standing?

This blackness. It causes vertigo. I never had it before. This must be what blind people go through, seeing nothing at all. Deaf people too.

It is so dark. No, dark is not the word. It is too dark for that. I can't even see what I'm thinking.

I'm thirsty. I think I'm thirsty. Or hungry. No I'm not. I'm not at all. I'm not. I just no longer am.

I'm not.

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