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No, it is not just a funny picture site. That's George Takei's Facebook page. I'll admit there are one or two cute kitty pictures, but they are reading books. These are smarty cats.

I ask important things. Extremely important things.

Today, for example, we are delving into favorite punctuation marks. Which one is yours?

But it doesn't stop there. We discuss the science of humor. Watch interviews with Jerry Lewis and other great comedians explain why they are funny. They know why we laugh at what they do. Similarly, you'll watch John Cleese lecture on the creative process.

We talk about classic children's literature, what makes good horror, the integration of the arts. There's a lot going on. Stop in and stay for awhile.

My page description says, "Books, ideas, literature, art, tall tales, short tales and cattails. See the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Fans of Twain, Kipling, Thurber will find this a friendly place. From the quirky to the funny to the unbelievable. Family-friendly."
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