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David Bowie: A Sort of Eulogy & Blackstar Review

Anyone awake now knows David Bowie is dead. I learned when Kevin Max, a musician around my age, posted a quick note around 1 a.m. Chicago-time. Max only showed a picture and a quick “RIP” and a word or two. No names. No links to Bowie’s official page or some story in the New York Times. What else could he say? It was more than I wanted to know. I wanted to believe he was caught up in one of those horrid hoaxes. I wanted to believe that Ziggy Stardust would never die...

Here's the full piece: https://www.facebook.com/notes/anthony-trendl-writer/david-bowie-a-sort-of-eulogy/1008427625904986

My review of Blackstar on Amazon. "Haunting, Mysterious, Beautiful, Heartbreaking" http://amzn.to/1TPN75Q
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