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Websites for Creatives

I'm tired of watching my author and friends without websites. They moan about lack of work, but they have no website. Musicians, photographers. Why no gigs? You don't have a website? Why not?

  1. Too expensive.
  2. Too complicated.
  3. Too ... whatever.

So I created a website to kick them forward.


No, I don't design your site. All of the work and investment is on you.

Domains, hosting, WordPress templates, integrated blogs, you name, it is all there.

It isn't cheap. Well, some of it is. Really. For $100/year, I think you can have something up. All secure, helped by one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

There's an ROI to this. That $100 or $500 you spend -- it will lead to an online presence. Massage that presence (buy ads online, get your site noted in industry directories, etc.) and you'll get more business.

Take a look and get started.

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