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Today Is My Birthday: Tell Me About Yours

I'm afraid to open Facebook. It exploded, I've heard. In a good way.

So far, at 11:37 am, August 30, I have 80 or 90 emails from Facebook friends posting on my wall happy birthday. More than one language. At least three. Five or so came three days early. I'm not clear how that happened.

There are a few links up there. Songs and things.

I notice a few people posting who never post in relationship to my account ever. Even a couple people who only post how much they despise either Bush or Obama (you know the sort) stepped up to say happy birthday.

Some of them I have never met, who, for a number of reasons, connected with me on FB.

The four people born on the same day sent fun messages.

Not just Facebook. One from MySpace too. Only this one is from the company. I had forgotten about my account there. I never used it.

A bunch of companies sent me coupons.

What if I were a celebrity who actually used Facebook personally? That probably means at least 5,000 friends, and, quite possibly thousands more.

  • What was your favorite birthday? Cool gift? Unusual day? Surprises? Friends?

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Bluster County Blues: Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream

Read aloud this silly children's tale about a boy's tongue-twisting name and his strange ice cream recipe. "Glorious Tales That Probably Didn't Happen Quite The Way I Tell It"


Learned a New Word (naughty, preachy, artistic all at once)


Sounds naughty, preachy, artistic all at once.

Read about in context of a New York Times book review for ‘Just My Type: A Book About Fonts’ by Simon Garfield

Books of The Times
Review: Font Pain and Poetry: So Much Depends on a Curve
Published: August 21, 2011


Baseball: Who's On First?

Keep up with where I am and what I'm doing. Enjoy Abbott and Costello's classic routine below.
Who's on first?
Abbott and Costello


Mickey Mantle at School?

I'm reading status updates of parents with children in grade school. Who has which teacher? "My kid has Jones. Who has Smith?"

What if teachers were traded like baseball cards? What'llya give me for a Mickey Mantle rookie card?

Some high schools base a teacher's salary partly on what students think of them. Can you hear teachers crying out "Ice cream day! I'm buying!" or "You flunked the exam, but, hey, it was hard. Instead of giving you an F, I'll give you a B-."


Tip for Hiring Freelance Writers for Large Projects

Plan well, and include the writer in on the plan.

Prepare an editorial schedule with deadlines and a clear approval process. Otherwise, the writer is left uncertain of expectations, and the project's focus will be lost.

It is important to know why you hired the writer, and to assure him of your confidence. Provide him tools (lexicons for industry-unique terms, access to subject matter experts, etc.).

With good plans and a good process, it is then just a matter of getting things done.

Learning Haiku

Mild morning rain drops
soften bolder leaves and grass:
leaving misty smiles.

First attempt.

Read this article Do You Haiku?

Six Very Short Tales

Strange, wonderful, amazing, unlikely neighborhood tall tales.

Leroy the Butterfly: Interview With a Gadfly
When a Small White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) arrives in Wheaton, and makes his way around town, what does he see?

Cannonball's Run
Cort Coleridge always does the unexpected well. One thing he did made him a legend.

The Raging Giant Blue Goldfish
Fish stories are common among fisherman. How often will you hear about the fish which swallowed them, or that it was glowing blue?

Why Four Sheep Had Their Hooves on Backwards
Something very strange happened to the sheep at the local children's farm.

Mountain Cat Charlie Runs Again
What happens when two massive men collide at home plate? Why are there fireworks after baseball games?

The Sound and Fury of An Elephant's Graveyard
Can a local hill really be where a million elephants fought for true love? Can an ordinary man climb an unending hill?


The Brady Bunch (or "A Brand Called Netflix")

Netflix asked about our favorite TV show themes on Facebook. My response:

The Brady Bunch (or "A Brand Called Netflix")

This is the story
of a brand called Netflix
which was bringing me some very cool mov's.
All them better than the other
Like "Godfather,"
to which I approve/s.

This is the story
of that brand called Netflix
busy cranking out a hearty list to see.
They were a good brand,
doing a good thing, but then they raised the fee.

There was one day when they finally told the world,
that they knew they could grab more than some bucks
See, this brand
Must somehow have gotten greedy
That's they way they began to (hmm) Netflix sucks.
Oh yes they suck - Netflix sucks.
That how they began to really suck.

Bluster County Blues: Leroy the Butterfly: Interview With a Gadfly

Bluster County Blues: Leroy the Butterfly: Interview With a Gadfly

When a Small White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) arrives in Wheaton, IL and makes his way around town, what does he see?
"Glorious Tales That Probably Didn't Happen Quite The Way I Tell It"