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Presidential Speechwriter Website

For anyone running for office, I've developed a division of American Speechwriter called Presidential Speechwriter.

It is intended to serve the unique needs of candidates. You'll see my approach may be different than you expect.



Websites for Creatives

I'm tired of watching my author and friends without websites. They moan about lack of work, but they have no website. Musicians, photographers. Why no gigs? You don't have a website? Why not?

  1. Too expensive.
  2. Too complicated.
  3. Too ... whatever.

So I created a website to kick them forward.


No, I don't design your site. All of the work and investment is on you.

Domains, hosting, WordPress templates, integrated blogs, you name, it is all there.

It isn't cheap. Well, some of it is. Really. For $100/year, I think you can have something up. All secure, helped by one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

There's an ROI to this. That $100 or $500 you spend -- it will lead to an online presence. Massage that presence (buy ads online, get your site noted in industry directories, etc.) and you'll get more business.

Take a look and get started.


Domain Auction: Presidential Alert: PresidentialAlert.com

I have placed my Presidential Alert domain up for auction. I'm using Godaddy to host the sale.

Make my wallet great again.

Check it out:

I hoped FEMA or a similar body would contact me, but now, it is left up to the masses.


Presidential Alert - PresidentialAlert.com for Sale

Presidential Alert

I own the Presidential Alert domain. It is for sale. http://PresidentialAlert.com It redirects to a page I have on voicemail and text blasts. I am open to selling it if someone offers me an embarrassingly high amount of money.

I will only sell it to someone not using it for a dubious cause. No drug or raunchy websites, Russian operatives, etc. My discretion.

So, to President Trump and your social media staff, you certainly want to ensure this domain doesn't land in the hands of, well, you know, the other guys.

White House, your call. I'm pro-capitalism. Let's make a deal. Contact me. Serious inquiries only.


Literature Tutor?

I've launched LiteratureTutor.com. Those of you looking to learn writing and literary analysis from an acclaimed writer can contact me. 


Helping the Homeless on My Birthday

Today (August 30) is my birthday. I'm asking you to give money. $10 if that's what you can do. More? Yes! I'm raising money through Facebook to help Home Sweet Home Ministries in Bloomington, Illinois. They've a yearly budget of $3 million. I'm trying to raise $1,000. 


Secretly (OK, not a secret), I really want to raise $10,000. OK, OK, seriously, $100,000. That's what I really want. Having worked in fundraising over the years, I know how hard those people are working. Getting a thousand dollar check out of the blue, not related to anything they've done -- how cool would that be!

How it works: you click through and check it out. Decide how much and then, click the donate button. I never see your credit card. Neither, in fact, does Home Sweet Home. When the campaign is over, they get a check or it is all direct deposited into their account.

We won't become Facebook friends. No worries.

Why: From roughly 1987-1993, I helped lead a small offshoot of this organization. Very small. Volunteers. Three co-leaders, myself included, went into the McLean County Law and Justice Center -- a jail -- and taught a class that was part Bible study and part life lessons. We invested time, money, skills, and our hearts. We saw all walks of life, from the extreme poor to gang members to people with doctorates. All needed love. Each week, we saw lives transformed spiritually and personally. We got our hands dirty, helping inmates as we could, then, helping them as they graduated to living outside. It changed my life to be part of this. Help me help the org supporting my friends still going into the jail.

Be crazy generous. Skip dinner out. Skip an extra latte. Help the homeless, inmates and others who need a hand. Can you give $100? $500? Do your best, please.

Please check it out: https://www.facebook.com/donate/285746068914457/ 


Speech Writing, Hungarian Books, Creativity, and Hotdogs

It occurred to me that I have made a substantial impact online. My digital footprint in both my name and in the name of my professional life is more than I expected. Things add up.

Aside from my name being all over the place thanks to my Amazon reviews, I own roughly 25 domains. Not all have websites under them, serving instead as redirects to some other site of mine.

Here's a few:

American Speechwriter americanspeechwriter.com -- My work site and blog. All the wonders of speech writing can be found there.
Official Anthony Trendl anthonytrendl.com -- This folds into my work site partly because I love writing so much.
Chicago in Atlanta chicagoinatlanta.com This is for those of you in Atlanta jonesing for a real Chicago hotdog.
Commencement Speechwriter commencementspeechwriter.com -- A microsite helping visitors understand how to write a graduation speech.
Hungarian Bookstore hungarianbookstore.com -- My first site, back from the dead, after it was hacked by some whiny Islamic terrorists. Recipes, books, culture.
Keynote Speechwriter keynotespeechwriter.com -- A microsite helping visitors understand how to write a keynote address.
Leap Into the Unknown leapintotheunknown.com -- All about creativity and the related risk taking.
Speechwriter 101 speechwriter101.com -- My newest website. This one is an overview of speech writing.

Visit them all. Tell your friends. And share great pages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Speechwriter 101

I quietly launched a small site looking at speech writing: Speechwriter101.com. It is a quick overview for those of you who need to write a speech. Speechwriting101.com also directs there.

That's all. Carry on.


New Writing and Art Website


Newly launched, ready for action. Please take a look. The focus before was non-focus -- a hodgepodge, glorious melting pot of mess. It started as a resume site, a brochure of sorts. Then it became, "Hey, I've got a website, I'll just post it there. Recipes. Running related pages. Photos. More than useless, it started to confuse people about who I am and what I do.

Now, look for original writing, creativity, discussion of my interest in the arts, and an overall look at the world of writing. Blog posts will be fuller versions of my official Facebook page and LinkedIn articles and posts (the LinkedIn posts can also be found on my company blog).

This blog will eventually migrate there. I've got a few things up.



All Communication is Intercultural

My newest article: All Communication is Intercultural

Sometimes, the most difficult speech is when I’m writing for someone demographically similar to me, compared to someone who is vastly different. With someone different, listening and then, writing, is easier because I know what to expect... more


My Zipper Was Wide Open and...

My fly was open in front of 25 tweenagers. Find out what happened on my LinkedIn page. (rated G -- don't worry)


Speech Tips - Learn to Write and Speak Well

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you know that I regularly publish speech tips. I've started archiving them on my website as well. Sometimes, there's a little extra that won't fit in the LinkedIn context.

Take a look.


And Now, For Something Not Really Different

Are you keeping score? Up to date in all aspects of my career? Here's something fresh and exciting.

I relaunched AmericanSpeechwriter.com. It now includes a speech writing blog -- quotes, tips, commentary. Hopefully, that will be useful for anyone in the field or who occasionally is asked to write.


Employer Christmas Party Blues

Got a Christmas party coming at work? Mine is different. All the stops are being pulled out. It should be incredible.

Read about it on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you love it, please share it. And tell me about your party.