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About Me

I'm Anthony Trendl -- a writer living near Chicago. I dig banjos, BBQ, running, and poetry. For more about me, ways to connect, or, if I can help you professionally, try one of the sites below.

My author page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AnthonyTrendl
  • AnthonyTrendl.com: A general look at all I do. It includes a resume and portfolio as a writer and communications director, examples of my more creative work, spoke word projects and links to many of my blogs and social media efforts.
  • ChicagoSpeechwriter.com: I have been a private speechwriter for some of Chicago's top executives for 20 years. I can be yours too. If you are at the top of your game, I can help you sound your best.
  • HungarianBookstore.com: Hungarian products and directories for resources in the USA. Plenty in English too. Books, DVDS, music, food, restaurants.
  • Amazon Reviews: I write regularly. Some of this shows up as reviews. Long, short, quiet or controversial, you will find over 900 reviews of books, music, movies and more.
  • LinkedIn: I am especially interested in connecting with writers, artists and the people who hire them.
  • Twitter.com/anthonytrendl: I tweet. I really tweet. Yeah, sure, sometimes I push a blog post or two, but I also genuinely engage with others. Famous people, as well as complete unknowns get in on the act. The playing field is completely level, and I love a good conversation.