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Announcing Tree Fort Books

Big news. I have started a publishing division of Trendl Communications. Tree Fort Books (www.treefortbooks.com). I invite you to invest a buck, take a look and let me know what you think. Reviews, comments, shares and retweets are encouraged.

About Tree Fort Books
Reading books with the joy of a child is what we are all about.  Do you remember those days as a young boy or girl reading, hidden away in a secret place — a tree fort, your bedroom, or a special corner of the house? Do you long for those blissful hours of reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Robinson Crusoe or Mark Twain? Or was it Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables or the Little House on the Prairie series? Good days!

Author Anthony Trendl fondly remembers those innocent days, and has written a series of tales full of wonder and amazement. Enjoy these extraordinary stories with your family in your tree fort.

My first Kindle offering is Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream: A Bluster County Tale. Read aloud this silly children's tale about a boy's tongue-twisting name and his strange ice cream recipe.

Bluster County, USA. That's anywhere the biggest fish never get away, yet somehow aren't as expected. The mountains are built from elephants, champion coin droppers are around every corner, and the spring wind blows harder than a tornado but never leaves a mark. It is where I live, and it might be where you live too.

These are the days in Bluster County which cause me to smile, and I would live nowhere else. The sun rises an inch higher here than anywhere else in the world, making every day brighter.

Imagine a world in which everything goes completely right, and completely wrong all at once. This is the story of an extraordinary everyman's life, but filled with color, excitement, and plenty of bluster.

In Bluster County, you will hear old men tell old American Tall-Tales -- except these are completely true, more or less. Filled with half-truths, bald-faced lies, and the occasional fact, expect not to learn much of anything that's important.


A Timely Story About Ice Cream

It is hot here today, and a huge chocolate sundae would hit the spot. Trip Smith would agree, but he might make it differently than I would.

Bluster County: Mr. Smith and His Delicious Ice Cream - Wheaton, IL Patch


Donna Summer - Last Dance

Donna Summer - Last Dance

Donna Summer died today.

Looking for a Literary Agent

I've just begun this journey of agent-hunting. Received my first true rejection 45 minutes ago for a picture book. Technically, it is my second rejection, as one agent emailed quickly back explaining her client base is packed. Either way, neither accepted me. So, here I am, trying to learn what I missed.

Today's email: "Thank you for your query. Unfortunately, your manuscript doesn't sound like something that’s right for us. We wish you the best of success in placing your work elsewhere."

I do have a spreadsheet. I have the Guide to Literary Agents. I drink espresso all morning while looking for places to query. Surely I am in a good position to find some love with a New York agent.

Seriously, I am trying to be methodical and strategic. I have a growing social media infrastructure, website, and otherwise a strong online presence. I expect rejections; I only need one to accept me. But I also know the road only begins with the agent, as they now have the task of shopping my wares about. Learning the craft of the query, matched by a quality piece of marketable writing is the beast before me.

If there are any agents (or publishers) out looking for clients, drop me a line. I am a shameless self-promoter with a Dorothy Parker wit (and I'm not even half her age). Google me to see how true this is (the self-promotion part, at any rate).

Anthony Trendl Facebook Author Page

Discuss books, ideas, literature, art, tall tales, short tales and cattails. See the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Fans of Twain, Kipling, Thurber will find this a friendly place. From the quirky to the funny to the unbelievable.


Bluster County: In the Shelves

In every bookshelf, you will find books. Do you know what else lives in them? Shadows are moving, but it is not because a cloud blowing in front of sun. Find out what Finders are.

"Glorious Tales That Probably Didn't Happen Quite The Way I Tell It."

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