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Linguistics and Sha Na Na

Founding member of the band Sha Na Na Robert Leonard is a professor of linguistics at Hofstra University.

Whoda thunk?

Here is Sha Na Na singing "Duke of Earl" at Woodstock (the real one in 1969).


Frozen Desserts - Which One?

What will it be?
  1. Sherbet
  2. Sorbet
  3. Ice cream
  4. Frozen custard
  5. Snow cone
  6. Italian ice
  7. Granita
  8. Gelato


Michael Jordan's Birthday

Michael Jordan turned 49 today.
Who has a more important place in sports history?
  1. Michael Jordan
  2. Jesse Owens
  3. Jackie Robinson
  4. Walter Payton
  5. Babe Ruth
  6. Jackie Joyner-Kersee
  7. Hank Aaron
  8. Babe Didrikson Zaharias
  9. Michael Phelps


    A New Nation: The Miserable Life of a Lost Citrus Mite

    Imagine: Pictures with a Story

    "Think inside the box," said Ike, explaining to his cousin Lorry his new reality. "You live here now. Black is black, white is white. Your life has no gray.”

    Whitney Houston is Dead

    The news all over is reporting Whitney Houston is dead. She died at age 48. Her songs will be heard forthwith next week. Celebs will be interviewed about her impact on the music industry or their relationship with her.

    What will people say about you after you die?


    Don Cornelius Dead - 'Soul Train' creator kills himself

    'Soul Train' creator dies at 75.

    Don Cornelius, creator of one of music's most influential television programs, shot himself and died early on February 1, 2012.

    No doubt he will be mourned, and rightfully so. Why he ended his life is not known.

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