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Ideas Abound: What I Do

Many writers have more ideas than they have time to execute.

Am I the only one? I don't think so.

I keep a running list of sentences, paragraphs and ideas that I might want to use later. I mean my stuff, not quotes and things.

It is no help that inspiration happens at inconvenient times. You know what I'm saying, right? A good idea is, as you know. a terrible thing to waste.

It is pretty simple. I keep it easily accessible in the cloud, able to be edited from any device (except Kindle, unfortunately). I use Google Docs. It is a basic, numbered list. Some items might have 500 words, and others might have just a few words.

Once I use an item, I delete lest I accidentally use it a second time. How awkward would be if a reader was reading something of mine and thought, "Great line. Where have I read that before?"

There's nothing complicated about Google Docs. It functions much like Microsoft Word. Word is ultimately more sophisticated and has its place in a writer's life, but mostly, I use Docs. It is free, and I can even write with it on my Android.

If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google account. Take a look at Google Drive. It is somewhere between DropBox and Microsoft Office.

Similarly, when an idea gets big enough, it gets its own file. Nothing may come of it, but it is always there, like Ahab's white whale, beckoning me.


Merry Christmas to the One

Happy birthday to the Lord of Lords, to the King of Kings, to the One we adore, to the Ancient One, to the Ageless One, to the One who was in the beginning and will always be, to the Savior of souls, to the Forgiver of Men and of Women, to the One who knows us and who will never forget us, to the Painter of clouds, to the Composer of wind songs, to the Sculptor of mountains, to the Poet of love, to Him who is coming back soon, to the Child once born of Mary, to Him, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah and Victor, Redeemer and Friend.


My Tales Are Where?

It is an odd thing being a writer. You never know where your work will show up. In this case, being half-Hungarian helped.

Take a look: Modern Tall Tales.


Proud Owner of SpeechWritingBooks.com

I launched SpeechWritingBooks.com. It is pretty much what it sounds like, books for speechwriters.

I already know I've missed a few books, and will add to that list as I can.

Do you have suggestions?