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How to Have Lunch with Your Employees

CEO or owner of a company? Writing a speech to your employees? Get to know them first.

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How to Have Lunch with Your Employees

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Employer Christmas Party Blues

Got a Christmas party coming at work? Mine is different. All the stops are being pulled out. It should be incredible.

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Bad Experience at Baymont Inn Turns Into Lesson

As I described in my review Baymont Inn & Suites Review: Horrible Service, Disgusting Room, Baymont Inn is a terrible hotel chain. As a professional communicator, I wondered what implications my experience in a grotesque hotel might have on speeches and corporate communications in general.

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Customer Service Starts With the First Communication

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Baymont Inn & Suites Review: Horrible Service, Disgusting Room

Baymont Inn & Suites in Lake City, FL is the worst hotel I've stayed in. It is part of the Wyndham Hotel Group. 

3598 W US Highway 90, Lake City, FL 32055-4870

I stayed here November 20, 2017. Mary, the attendant, was inattentive, out of touch and seemed to be on a personal call as I arrived. She was so bad, I wouldn't hire her to do even the most menial task, lest she be challenged beyond her scope.

They sent me to an occupied room. My key card worked. Bags were on the bed. The occupant was in the shower. I'm lucky he or she didn't see me and come out with a gun. Mary then sent me next to a similar room. 

  1. Dead bugs and dirt on bathroom floor.
  2. Scum on bathtub floor.
  3. Toilet seat broken.
  4. Shower curtain shade rusted.
  5. The room smelled of mildew, smoke and cheap air freshener (I requested non-smoking).
  6. The microwave was surrounded by crud and scum.
  7. The beds, though made, didn't feel dry, as if they were in a sauna before hanging.
  8. Dirt and stains were on the dresser.
  9. The internet didn't work (I called and it was switched on 15:00 later)
  10. The phone didn't work (I called from my phone and it never was fixed)
  11. Smokers surrounded the room. I was gagging on the way in.
  12. Neha Desai, the front desk manager, gave me a weak, canned apology and $30 discount as I left. 
  13. Their (Baymont HQ) Twitter account manager basically said because it is independently owned, they won't get involved. Essentially, "call the hotel directly." They did this in a DM, unseen by customers. 

As we left at 7:00 am, we got out ASAP. We skipped breakfast and dared not risk disease taking a shower. 

I will avoid Baymont completely in the future lest my health be jeopardized.


Manipulation in Speeches: Speak Truth, Not Lies

In my latest LinkedIn article, I look at Manipulation in Speeches: Speak Truth, Not Lies.

Don't confuse persuasion with manipulation. Manipulation is a kind of lie. Persuasion brings someone to a conclusion using truth. Persuasion may tug strongly on your heartstrings, but it will be honest about it.